BlueSquare Blog – It’s about men


My name is Jarod and welcome to the BlueSquare Blog.  I like men, mens clothing, mens health issues, mens social issues, straight men, gay men, and so on.  I think you are getting the jist man related stuff occupies a lot of my mind. I try to discuss topics that I find interesting, fun, informative or all three.  Hopefully you will also find it informative, entertaining, and interesting – if not then absorb what you like and toss the rest out.

Check the menu on the right for topics by category – they will expand over time.  I plan to add something a couple of times a month, time permitting.  Keep in mind that everything I put here is my opinion unless I directly reference another website or article and just because I operate a website that sells underwear does not mean I will only talk about the brands or items sold there, I will touch on anything that interests me, or you.  Not all topics are safe for work due to accompanying pictures and I don’t really censor myself when it comes to language, I only leave the extremely innappropriate on the editing floor. If you have something you want me to tackle then shoot me an email at and I’ll take a look.

Suggestions are always welcome, as are questions and comments. I will try to respond to everyone but no guarantees (I have a life off the computer and no that is not me in the picture, sigh).

Thanks for coming and come back any time.