I’ve recently had a few people send questions via Facebook and email about Jockstraps.  Not about the history of them or anything like that but more along the likes of “Can you believe how many sites sell jocks now?  Why?”  or “What kind of guy wears jocks all the time?” or “What is the benefit of jocks over other kinds of underwear?” and so on.  There are many things about jockstraps that have changed over the years, not just the fabrics either – there have been actual advancements in the design and structure.  In pop culture they are usually used in one of two ways – to show off a super masculine hypersexed jock or for comedic effect.  People growing up in the 80’s may remember the famous scene from Youngblood of Rob Lowe storming down the hallway with nothing but a jockstrap and a hockey stick:


Rob Lowe in Youngblood


Rob Lowe in Youngblood



If you’ve seen the movie you could argue that scene demonstrated both sex appeal and comedy but whatever, that’s a discussion for another day.  The type he is wearing is the standard BIKE brand jockstrap that is generally accepted to be the original mass producer of this particular item.  Traditionally worn by sportsmen in virtually all sports, it is still the standard in that arena.

Originally they were invented to provide better support for the guys so when they are running, jumping, swimming, or whatever their package is not flopping around all over the place contributing to injury or just being a general nuisance by needing to peel their dick off their thighs while playing or competing.  They keep ‘the boys’ out front and away from their legs and help lessen the amount of sweating which can also be uncomfortable and in some cases encourage fungal infections like jock itch – which is unpleasant to say the least.  For more rigorous sports some have a sleeve on the front to insert a hard plastic cup to protect the guy from getting hit or kicked in the balls while playing whatever sport.  Swimmer jocks are virtually the same except they have a lower waistline, slimmer waistband and are designed to fit under a bathing suit.  What swimmer needs a cup you might ask – watch a men’s water polo game and you tell me.  It is not uncommon to ‘attack’ a player by grabbing their balls and squeezing until they submit, and with all those legs flailing around kicks in the crotch are very common.

Today, jockstraps have come out of the gym  and sports arena and are being worn every day by men in all kinds of professions and for all kinds of reasons.  Generally, the benefits of jockstraps are as follows:

  • support, as mentioned earlier
  • comfort – specifically reducing amount of sweat in the crotch
  • reducing the amount of sweat in the back also
  • feeling ‘sexy’ or free because relatively skimpy design of jockstraps
  • the pouches now are designed to hold the cock and balls not just strap them down
  • they can enhance your package in the front and lift your butt in the back

tumblr_nkuinsSPB61tcv38ro1_540 black_signature_jockstrap_side_nobkrd 0114 SOCCER JOCKS -THONG SOCCER JOCKS


All Jocks are pretty much the same style wise – pouch in the front, waistband two straps the go under the butt cheeks from the bottom of the pouch and up to the waistband.  The support for the front is obvious when you look at them.  Some provide a lift your butt as well, the straps could be designed almost to scoop up your butt cheeks and help give a more ‘bubble butt’ look.  The enhancement benefits from both the front and back are one reason more and more guys are wearing them out on the town.  Some guys I have talked to say that’s ‘cheating’ or ‘deceiving’ or whatever, others say there’s nothing wrong with it, they are only finding a better way to display what they already have, and as one guy put it “girls do it all the time with their bras that push their boobs right up to their chin then they fall to their waist when it comes off at the end of the day so why can’t we do it too?”  Why not indeed.  Anyway, a lot of guys wear them for looks as well as comfort.

There are many guys that wear them when working out or playing sports or just day-to-day wear and some of reasons for this that I heard are:

  • it keeps my balls out of the way when lifting weights, running, whatever
  • breathability – namely in the back – it reduces crack sweat
  • when I wear a jock I don’t spend all day pulling my underwear out of my ass
  • with jock briefs (pictured below) I like the full coverage up front but the open butt is just more comfortable


  • My girlfriend/boyfriend thinks I look hot in them
  • I just like jockstraps better
  • I feel sexy when I wear one, even if no one knows but me

I thought about addressing the statements about only gay guys wear jocks cause its easier for sex and what not, and I won’t deny there is a strong fetish community around jockstraps for both men and women, but if you are stupid enough to think only gay guys wear them or you’ll turn gay by wearing one then you are an idiot.

Tell me what you think, why do you like them or not.  Did I miss something?  I’d love to hear from you, comment or email to

Thanks, have fun.