Tips For Picking Great Underwear

Proper Fit + Comfort = Great Underwear for Men

Trust me – there is more to picking underwear than just looking for the cheapest multipak of bargain tighty whities on the shelf.  If you want to find the most comfortable underwear that you can then I have a few tips for picking great underwear.   Most men spend a significant portion of their waking hours in underwear of some sort, either briefs, boxers, trunks, jockstraps or g-strings.

The first step, obviously, is to decide what style you want (don’t limit yourself to one and only one style or brand – guys are terrible for this.  We find something we like and we hang on to it like grim death).  There are a few examples above, I will briefly touch on their differences:

  • Briefs – they get their name from the fact that they are brief – they provide full coverage in the front and back and are the most common
  • Boxers – when I refer to boxers I will be talking about the form-fitting still pictured above, not the loose and baggy things that almost no one wears anymore.  These provide full coverage in the front and back but also go farther down the thighs
  • Trunks – basically a square-cut boxer – usually with a lower waist and higher leg on the thigh
  • Jockstraps – a pouch in the front to hold your cock and open in the back with leg straps going from the side waistband under each butt cheek and connecting to the bottom of the pouch between your legs
  • G-string – a pouch in the front connected at the waist to a string waistband with another string going from the back of the waistband between your ass cheeks and connecting to the bottom of the pouch between your legs

Once you decide on a style then there are 4 different parts of your body that you should take into consideration before you even start actually looking for some new undies:

  1. Your waist – or if you are looking for low-rise then wherever the waistband of the undies will sit.
  2. Your legs, particularly upper thigh
  3. The size of your dick
  4. Your ass

Where is your waist

When Measuring the waistline use a measuring tape and wrap it around your waist and firmly (but not too tight) along where the elastic waistband would be, roughly 1/2 to 2/3 of the way down the line from your belly button to the base of your shaft (pictured below)



Keep in mind this is a personal preference thing as well, some guys like it a little higher, some a little lower – that is up to you but the measurement taken here will usually translate well for an inch or two in either direction.  The number you get will be your waist size.  Most mens underwear is sized according to small, medium, large and x-large (and so on) and it is important to look at what these four sizes translate to in number form – they differ between manufacturers.  A medium from brand X could fit a waist size 30 – 33 whereas brand Z has it fitting 32 – 35 – check it out before buying.  You don’t want to end up spending $20 on a pair of underwear that leaves a semi-permanent mark on you for a few hours after taking them off, especially since underwear can NOT be returned at any reputable website or store.

What about your thighs

Measuring your legs is generally more important if you have thick legs due to working out a lot or if you are overweight.  Underwear can become very uncomfortable very quickly if it feels like you have a tight elastic band wrapped around your thigh.  Depending on the type of underwear you are getting, where you measure may change (see the image below).

thigh line

Thigh Line

The pink line (top) for briefs, the blue line (middle) for trunks, and the green line (bottom) for boxers (the length of boxers may vary by design or brand).  It is safe to say that for most people the width of the leg holes will coincide nicely with the waistline, this really is only a potential problem for men with thick thighs.  you most likely already know if this is an issue for you and if it is a way around uncomfortably tight underwear is to get boxers or long boxers since they come down further on your thighs.  If you have a problem with the legs riding up then you may want to consider a brand with a looser design around the leg holes.

Your Ass

This really only matters if you have large butt – sometimes called a bubble butt.  Average butt sized people can skip to the next section.

The only issue (if you want to call it that) that generally appears here is the line across your ass cheeks that appears when you either try to force a nice big ass into undies that are too small or too tight usually caused with briefs.  In extreme cases it can look like you have four ass cheeks but if you don’t care then I don’t either, if you do care then just don’t wear briefs, something with a longer leg,r a jockstrap or g-string and the quadra-ass will disappear.

Your Dick

Now the last big floppy thing to deal with.  If you are an average sized guy, I am referring to your cock size, then simply go with the small, medium, large and so on sizing mentioned earlier.  However, if you are of the above average cock sized men out there then you may want to make some extra considerations.  Cramming a huge dick into small underwear may look good when sexting or strutting around a porn set where they will be peeled off fairly soon, but in the real world it can be uncomfortable to painful after being coiled up in there for a few hours or longer.  Also if you end up just stuffing down along your leg then excessive sweating and itching can be another issue.


A lot of guys with extra-large dicks will just opt to freeball or go commando whenever possible but that isn’t always appropriate (see my last post about VPL).  The easiest way to provide comfort and support is to get a tighter fitting underwear that has a loose pouch sewn onto the front and get a size larger than your waist size would dictate.  What I mean is if you normally wear a medium then consider getting a large.  The larger size will provide a bit more room, and the loose pouch will provide more room and still give some support (an earlier post about pouches in mens underwear).   Search around for brands, and pay attention to the type of pouch.  This can make a real difference for your comfort.

Well there you have it, a few things to take into consideration when getting some new underwear in order to get the most comfortable kind you can.  If you have any other tips, email me – or if you think I’m full of shit email me that too.

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To Bulge or Not To Bulge

All Men Have a Bulge

Let’s get one thing out in the open right off the bat – men have penises, dicks, cocks, junk, a package, a johnson, or whatever you want to call it (if you can’t decide then check out this list of 167 slang words for penis to help you decide –  It will apparently come a shock to some people, but there you have it – men have dicks, I have one, if you’re a man reading this you have one, if you’re a woman reading, this every man you have ever met or ever will meet has a dick, and sometimes you’ll be able to see it – even if they are dressed.  Much like women have breasts and sometimes, even if they are dressed, we can still see them, but this blog is about men and their stuff so we’ll put the breasts away and move on.  This post is about our bulges, or VPL – visible penis lines, and what if anything to do with them.  To misquote a famous writer we will discuss whether to bulge or not to bulge.

For the most part, your package is almost always visible at some point during the day and most guys , myself included, don’t really think about it or care.  The problem that arises (no pun intended) is when your bulge becomes very pronounced in circumstance or places where it may not be that appropriate, like at the office, at a children’s sporting event or birthday party, or whenever, you get the idea.  It happens all the time, look around sometime when walking around or watching TV they are everywhere:

At work:

Suit Bulge

Suit Bulge

VPL at work

VPL at work

Playing Sports:



Football palyer

Football player

On the street:

Business Mna

Business Man



Average Joe

Average Joe

What is wrong with bulges?  In a word, nothing.  In my opinion, if you don’t want to see a mans bulge, then don’t look at his crotch.  The reality is, that there are plenty of people who choose to be offended by almost everything around them – yes I said choose.  To be offended by my or anyone elses bulge is 100% your choice and if you have chosen to be offended then get over it and go on with your life because that is a stupid choice to make.  That being said, there are times when it is inappropriate to show off your junk and there are things you can do to lessen it, mainly wear underwear that does not have a pouch to lift up your dick and display it to the world but instead a more modest style that style provides comfort without the lift.  Going commando at your 7-year-old nieces’ birthday party is also probably not a good idea, especially if you are wearing sweatpants:

Sweatpants VPL

Sweatpants VPL

Sweatpants bulge

Sweatpants bulge

Use your common sense and save the show for more appropriate locations.

I am not, by any means, saying hide your dick all the time everywhere you go.  Just be smarter about it, instead of freeballing at the office so Pam in accounting can make a complaint to HR about your cock always swinging into the room a few seconds before the rest of you – wear underwear to keep it under control.  If you like the freedom of no underwear but require the control for the sake of office politics then try g-strings or jockstraps.  They give support in the front without restricting movement and they are open in the back so you get the feeling of wearing nothing (check out for a few suggestions).

If you want to show the world what you have to offer and don’t give a damn who sees your bulging package then go ahead and put yourself on display and let the chips fall where they may.  Some guys like the attention of coworkers, people on the street and anyone else taking quick glances or long stares at their crotch and that’s fine you’re fine with it.

There is also a group of men that have another issue – they are huge, hung like mules – and the issue isn’t so much with showing off their dick, but instead they actually have trouble concealing their bulge regardless of what Pam in accounting wants.  That can be a problem for some guys (I said some – I am aware some don’t have a problem).  Some of the problems can be – in the workplace drawing unwanted attention, people looking at your cock instead of your face, unwanted comments about your appearance (is any of this sounding familiar ladies?  Yes it happens to guys too and it is just as inappropriate);  at the gym ‘falling out’ of your shorts (yes it happens), getting unwanted attention in the changeroom and showers, excessive flopping around when doing cardio and so on;  on the street people making rude or unwanted remarks, actually getting chastised by some exceptionally prudish passers-by;  in day-to-day life depending on the size your shaft can splash down into the toilet when you sit down, or trying to hide an unexpected hard-on (which can be difficult regardless of your size) can be next to impossible.  Most of these issues can usually be fixed with properly fit underwear which is a topic I will discuss in a future post about how to properly fit underwear for your body size and dick size.

Essentially the basic thing to take away from this that is as a man you have a dick, be proud of it but don’t stick in everyone’s face.  Dress to be comfortable and feel good first, look good second and please others last.  Don’t hide your package and don’t be ashamed of it.  Just have common sense, I know this can be difficult for some people, but try real hard not to make your cock the focus of a childs’ bar mitzvah or birthday party and use a laser pointer to draw attention to the pie chart during the business meeting not the shadow of your giant bulge.  There is a time and place for everything.

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Pouches in mens underwear?

One of the questions we get asked the most is “What is the deal with the pouches in men’s underwear?”  There are a few reasons that underwear with a pouch designed into the front can be beneficial to the guy wearing them.  These reasons are generally the same but the design of the pouch itself can vary from brand to brand since it is sometimes a patented design.  I’ll start with a few examples of the different kinds of pouches:

  • In the Colt underwear (the white pair) the pouch is comprised of stretchy material with a bit of support provided by the black band that goes alongside and under the pouch.
  • The Intymen underwear (the blue pair) are a bit more complicated.  The pouch is two parts, the inside part is a fabric cockring the you put your cock and balls through – this provides an upfront boost that holds your dick in a higher position that, depending on your size can have a mild to considerable enhancement effect.  The fabric covering the front provides a bit more support and also helps keep from rubbing against your pants.
  • The type of pouch on the Ergowear underwear (the green pair) is more designed for comfort than anything else but it does provide a bit of a lift as well.  It is primarily a loose pouch sewn onto the front of the underwear that allows your genitals to “fall” forward and hang fairly naturally as you would if your were naked.
  • The pouch on the Obviously underwear (the grey pair) is mainly a piece of stretchy fabric on the front but without the extra band of material that the Colt brand has.

Now to address the original question.  Pouches provide many benefits and very few drawbacks.  Regardless of the design, they all provide some measure of lift that, depending on your size (I mean dick size not body size) can have a mild to considerable enhancement effect.  By that I mean they take what you were born with and lift it up and out front making your package more visible to the casual viewer who happens to take a look at your crotch.  That doesn’t mean it will look like you’ve stuffed two grapefruits and banana down your pants, but it will make it a little more apparent that you do indeed have a dick.  This is also affected by the style of pants you are wearing as well, looser (like sweatpants) will make it quite obvious what you have swinging around down there whereas dress pants or jeans will most likely conceal the bulge a bit more but it will still be visible.

The main benefit is comfort, plain and simple.  It is time to throw out your grandpa’s tighty whiteys and step into some new underwear.  The only thing most ‘old-fashioned’ mens underwear really accomplishes is providing a layer of fabric between you and your pants, and that’s about it, and loose boxers end up bunching up and eventually you look and feel like you are wearing a diaper.  In poorly designed underwear you either squish yourself into them with your shaft pressed up against your lower stomach and your balls stuck to your inner thigh, pushed upwards against your stomach and you spend all day adjusting your sweaty dick trying to be more comfortable, or flopping around and never being comfortable at all.  Most pouches take care of this, when you put on your underwear your dick goes into the pouch which surrounds and supports you, keeping you from squishing against your legs and providing a more contained area for your cock and balls to live in for the day.  Most also provide a moisture wicking benefit that keeps your from getting too sweaty and sticky which also adds to the comfort.

Allowing a more natural hang is another pro for the pouch.  When you are standing naked you can see how you naturally hang, to the right or left or straight on, it depends and varies from man to man.  This just allows for a more natural feel while wearing them.

If you are fairly active and move around alot the pouch will hold your boys nice and snug and keep them from flopping around too much – it sounds stupid but if you are thinking about how sweaty you feel, or if you constantly need to peel your dick off your thighs then you are not concentrating as much as you could be on whatever activity or job you may doing at the time.  Conversely, if you spend a lot of time sitting or standing in one position, then it is fairly common for your boys to gradually settle, usually down one leg or the other causing you to become more and more uncomfortable until you need to get your hands in there and put everything back where they should be, and if they are held securely in a comfortable pouch that is unlikely to happen.

The last benefit I will mention is that they usually just look better as well.  If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you (and possibly one or more others) are in your underwear I can almost guarantee you will look a little bit sexier in new underwear.   If that underwear has a pouch to display your assets, even better.

It can take some getting used to, especially if you have spent your entire life up to this point just wrapping yourself in a pair of tighty whities and adjusting yourself through your day and to be perfectly honest, not everyone will make the adjustment to pouch underwear.  I once described them and doing for men what Wonderbra did for women, you know the whole lift and separate thing, except without the separate – on the other hand the pouch will separate your balls from your thighs so maybe it still applies.  I encourage you to give them a try.

Getting the right size of underwear is also important.  It can be more complicated than just choosing small, medium, large and so on.  As I’ve mentioned a few times your dick size can make a difference for your comfort as well – but that will be discussed in a future post.

If you want to tell me anything I may have forgotten, add your opinion or just tell me I’m full of shit, then leave a comment.  Also, if there is a question or topic you want me to take a look at let me know.

Thanks, Jarod